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Teaching Comprehensive History

I've been really fortunate to have some unique and creative projects throughout my career with the Michigan Department of Education. The Teaching Comprehensive History initiative is one of them. This initiative started out as just a few webinars, and has evolved into a much more robust resource for Michigan teachers.


At the start of the second year, I was asked to create a logo for them. There were many ideas discussed, but I knew it needed to be something unique, simple, and flexible in its use while also representing the diversity that is central to the initiative. I chose a serif text for the word "history" as a nod to the historical documents and press referenced in these webinars. The thumbprint with some scars across it represent an individual with history, while the mixed skin tones reflect diversity. The blue and red used align with the MDE complementary color palette. Everyone was happy with the outcome. 


In addition to the logo, I created an animated version for use as the video header of the web page.  

I also designed the web page and designed all the advertisements for the webinars. This year, in particular, I've chosen to have a complete, overall design to all the webinar flyers. I've made a point to utilize photos from the National Archives that have ties to Michigan where possible. For example, the Civil War photo is of Michigan's Union soldiers - Company D.

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