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Michigan Department of Education,
Office of Educational Supports Travel Posters

This was a really fun project. Our office merged with another office as part of a department reorganization that took place a few years ago. I worked with each unit to create a travel poster. As part of our office "getting to know you" activities, employees traveled to the different units to learn what each did and get their passports stamped. Everyone who completed the tasks was entered into a prize drawing. 

Each unit came to me with an idea of what they wanted, and then I worked with them to help bring each vision to reality. The timeline on these was very tight, so the majority of the graphics are stock, but I'm still pleased with the outcome. You can read more about each by selecting the appropriate poster.

I will point out, however, that these were designed for print. They do not meet accessibility guidelines (there was never any intention of posting them on the web or sharing them digitally).

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