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MDE African American History Month Events

I've been honored to be able to work with the Michigan Department of Education on their annual African American History Month events for the past two years. These events are developed by a committee, and a different person takes the lead each year. It's always interesting to see what direction the event will take.

2020 Event

In keeping with the "We Are the Village" theme of 2020, the committee shared some images they liked, including one of hands holding a heart. I took that idea, but expanded it to show hands holding many hands to represent the support and connection between everyone in the village.

In addition, this year there was a gallery walk that included the large posters focusing on local African American historical figures. I carried the color palette over from the cover graphic.


2019 Event

For 2019, the committee wanted brown and teal for the colors, and wanted to have a more formal feel, without being too formal. The cover photo was a compilation of three different stock photos. The initial background photo had a less formal place setting, so I had to replace that, and then the third is the ribbon across the top. The committee was very happy with the outcome.

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