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Electronic Arts & Intermedia



Performance, 8:47

Performed as a statement on being present upon entering a space, participants entered Gallery 101 in Kresge Art Center and were told that the name of the game was Details. They had two minutes to study the contents of the room. After the two minutes were up, participants were blindfolded, and a game of I Spy began.

Sounds of Etahro


Sound, 6:15


Listeners are taken on an audio journey throughout the different environments of the fictional planet, Etahro.

Sounds of Etarho
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Dark Innocence


Video, 5:47

Featuring a spoof on the children's "touch and feel" book classic, Pat the Bunny, this video is a commentary on childhood innocence and the societal fear of allowing children to experience all aspects of life.

My First Tattoo


Performance, Sound, 6:17

Through audio and visual cues, participants were lead through the experience of first being diagnosed with breast cancer, and then through treatment involving surgery, chemo, and radiation. Performed at the inaugural Electronic Arts and Intermedia Open House at Kresge Art Center. 

My First Tattoo
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