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Alexandria Jean Fitness

I absolutely love working with clients who are just building their business. It's always so humbling to be involved in such an important process.

Alexandria is a personal trainer who offers in home personal training and outdoor boot camps. She initially had a pretty strong idea of what she wanted her logo to look like, but we wound up going in a different direction.

Alex requested a logo that was clean and bold. I knew I wanted to create something unique that she could use as a registered trademark, so started with her initials. This led to incorporating an iconic image associated with fitness...the barbell. This helps makes the logo universally appealing. A bold, sans serif font compliments the simple, clean design, with the blue background tying everything together. As with all logos I work on, I provided this in color, black, white (for use on dark backgrounds), and grayscale. I also provided the original Illustrator file, and versions appropriate for web use and print use.

For those interested in the whole process, you can see my initial comps below. Alex originally wanted to use a silhouette of her in plank (and then was surprised at how much it looked like her). We discussed that something like her final selection might be more universally symbolic, and the challenges of fitting her silhouette into the logo. She took some time to get feedback from others, and ultimately chose the logo above. If I remember correctly, I went ahead and gave her the silhouette that I'd drawn as a bonus that she could use, if she wished.

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